Definition of Terms
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Definition of Terms



Chakras are spiritual energy centers in the body. They are conduits and hubs for the flow of energy that allow you to connect your embodied consciousness with your spiritual essence.  Chakras are also a means of representing of your spiritual essence and the flow of your energy to your own embodied consciousness. That is, what is happening in your consciousness, even on the unconscious levels, is represented in the body.  The chakras radiate out that energy, for good or ill, to the whole of a person including the body.  As a result, there are regions of the body and aspects of the self that correspond with particular chakras.   By working on particular parts of the body you can work on particular chakras. Conversely, trauma or injury to a part of the body can resonate in a chakra as trauma there.  This is especially true if there is a psychological or spiritual impact from the injury.  Click here to learn more about chakras.



Entity is a word used at Sacred Strategist to refer to a wide array of phenomena that goes by different names in different situations.  Encounters with energies that appear to be primarily otherworldlyor spiritual in nature and also appear to have some kind of self awareness fall under the category of an entity. Energies such as those that are interpreted to be ghosts or spirits or the apparent conscious expression of energy that a community has repressed in its collective consciousness all are examples of entities.  Entities can range from positive to negative depending on their behavior and what they are trying to achieve.



An oracle is an archetypal pathway for gaining spiritual information.  Usually, the pathway includes some method of translating the information from the manifestation it has in the oracle to being something that is understandable in everyday language and perception.  This process is usually a matter of interpreting the oracle.  Examples of oracles are: Astrology, Tarot, the I Ching.


Spiritual / Spirituality

There are many ways to use the word spiritual.  Here at Sacred Navigation, spiritual primarily refers to the Totality of Reality which transcends the material physical temporal experience of reality, while also including it.  This is a non-dualistic understanding of the spiritual.  The spiritual includes the Divine and the vast diversity of kinds and types of possible ways to experience reality.  When one is being spiritualone is consciously connecting with and accounting for the totality of ones self and by extension the totality of everything.  The spiritual then is at heart an existential category because it concerns how one defines themselves.  Does one limit ones conception of ones self to what is perceived to be only to what we can imagine?  Or do we allow that which is beyond our perception but is part of us to reveal itself, so that we can perceive more and more of ourselves as we truly are.


Spiritual Gifts

A spiritual gift is a personal ability, which manifests differently in each person, through which contact with the spiritual world is most accessible.  Everyone has a spiritual gift.  These gifts can express themselves in many ways and most of the time, because we are not fully aware of them, we neglect or resist these gifts and find ourselves experiencing suffering.



Strategy is the development of plans for behavior or action for the purpose of achieving a desired goal.  In the context of Sacred Navigation, it is the marshaling of every possible resource in service of the goal of spiritual growth and self awareness.  Every element of our lives has a role to play to support our process.  By consciously organizing our resources to engender the outcome we want we radically increase the chances that the goals we desire will come to fruition.  Spiritual development is no different.  Our spiritual well-being will benefit from a strategic approach.