Introduction to Chakra Work
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Introduction to Chakra Work


Sacred Navigation’s philosophy of spirituality is teaching people who to manage their own spiritual health.  Chakra work can be a great tool for getting to know yourself, your spiritual energy, and your own way of receiving spiritual guidance through your own being.  For those who want to start exploring, Sacred Navigation offers a group class in which you will engage the basic aspects of Chakras.  


The group class is a 3 week class (3 units of 2 hour modules) that helps you connect to your chakras so that you become acquainted with how to engage them.  Experiential exercises will help you connect with your own chakras and start exploring their structure.  A survey of ways to utilize the chakras in your daily life is included.  Participants will receive instructions on guided meditations that will allow them to use the material taught in the class in their everyday life as they see fit.  

The class is $250
The classes are taught live through a Webinar format. 

Sacred Navigation offers these Introduction to Chakra Work classes on a seasonal basis.  If you are interested in participating in an upcoming class and want information of scheduling please click below to fill out a short information form and your email contact information through which you will be contacted when the next classes are made available.  Because the class is taught live, you can use the form to share any information you want prior to the class as they are interactive and kept small enough  so that participants can experience a reasonable amount of personalized attention, in the context of a group setting. 


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