Basics in Spiritual Development: An Introduction to Building Coherent Structure to Your Spiritual Life as a Non Religious Person
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Basics in Spiritual Development:

An Introduction to Building Coherent Structure to Your Spiritual Life as a Non Religious Person


One of the gifts of being a spiritual person who is not affiliated with a religious tradition as such is that they have a great amount of freedom in deciding how to practice and access their spirituality.  Yet, that very freedom also comes with a lack of structure, support and community.  It can feel like a trade-off.  Yet, here at Sacred Navigation we believe that there is a legitimate role in the cosmos for those who do not feel called to join a specific religion and that it is necessary to help those person wishing to take a different path to do so effectively.  


As a human being, you want your spirituality to be something that assist you in your life, something that can uphold you and inspire you, like how a ship carries people and cargo upon the waters .  But for that to happen you have to build the ship of your spirituality and keep it in good repair.  Religions basically have off the shelf models of ships for you to use.  But if you are not attracted to their vessels or do not feel a calling to them, then  you will have to design your own ship of spirituality.  And you need to do it well enough so that when the storms of life arise, which inevitably occur, your ship of spirituality will hold and you will continue on Path going from strength to strength. It is in this process of design and construction where Sacred Navigation can be of assistance.


We are offering a 10 week class (2 hour modules per week) on how to build that seaworthy Ship of Spirituality.  In that class we will help you process the basic elements your structure of spirituality need to include in order to be useful and sustainable. We will engage topics such as:


Cosmology (what is your working theory of Spiritual Reality?)

Values and Ethics


The meaning of Enlightenment


Creating and defining your practices of communication with the spiritual realms


Learning how to Select and Create a body of valued Spiritual Knowledge (What are the holy texts in you life?)


Learning how to use the Body of Spiritual Knowledge you identify in your spiritual daily practice (How do you work with a holy text for a spiritual purpose?)


Learning how to processes signs, symbols and universal archetypes


Processing the role of oracles and guidance in your life


Finding a Spiritual Mentor, what are the options?


Learning about connecting with you spiritual energy 


Integrating your professional and social path in life with your spiritual convictions


Learning how to build your own structures of Sacred Time and Sacred Place 


Exploring the role of food in your Spirituality


All of these topic will be touched on from the perspective of a person who is a spiritual but non-religious person.  As a result, you will have a stronger structure of what it take to make a coherent and meaningful structure for your spiritual life and have conscious knowledge to the categories that you need to address to invest in the stability of your spiritual future.  

The price of the class is $1500

Sacred Navigation offers these Introduction to Building Coherent Structure to Your Spiritual Life as a Non Religious Person classes on a seasonal basis.  If you are interested in participating in an upcoming class and want information of scheduling please click below to fill out a short information form and your email contact information through which you will be contacted when the next classes are made available.  Because the class is taught live, you can use the form to share any information you want prior to the class as they are interactive and kept small enough  so that participants can experience a reasonable amount of personalized attention, in the context of a group setting. 


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