Sacred Navigation Chakra Training I: Basics of Charka Self Care
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Sacred Navigation Chakra Training I:
Basics of Charka Self Care


In this class, you learn how to manage some basic issues of Chakra Work on yourself. You will discover how to:


Align your own chakras,


Clear them of negative energies, and


Increase the presence of positive energies.


Activate the archetypal powers of your corporeal chakras, including the 3rd Eye and the Crown Chakra Mystical Gateway. 


You will be able to address these aspects of self care on your own based on the techniques provided. 


This course is 8 (eight) weeks of 2 hour modules each week.  It is offered live through a webinar format.  Although it is a group class, it will be interactive. 

The cost of the class is $1000.  

Sacred Navigation offers theseBasics of Chakra Self Care classes on a seasonal basis.  If you are interested in participating in an upcoming class and want information of scheduling please click below to fill out a short information form and your email contact information through which you will be contacted when the next classes are made available.  Because the class is taught live, you can use the form to share any information you want prior to the class as they are interactive and kept small enough  so that participants can experience a reasonable amount of personalized attention, in the context of a group setting. 

In order to take this class completion of Introduction to Chakra Work is required. 


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