Why Sacred Navigation?
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What Is Sacred Navigation?

SacredNavigation.org  is a web portal though which I am able to offer tried and true processes and practices that are specifically designed to address various kinds of spiritual challenges.  Fundamentally, SacredNavigation.org  is a hub for learning how to gain agency in and mastery of your own spiritual journey in order to live a fulfilling and skillful life.

Navigation is a process that implies movement.  It suggests a point of origin, a destination, and a journey from oneplace to the other.  To navigate requires being able to orient yourself in any situation. Knowing where you are is the first step to knowing how to get to where you are going. And being able to orient yourself, requires skillfulness and  the clarity of perception.


Moreover, the task of movement, the growth on the spiritual journey, from where you are to where you want to go is not necessarily straight forward.  It requires strategic thinking and the gathering of resources to sustain you and your companions in your spiritual path if one is to take the the optimal path, that with the least amount of suffering and the greatest amount of joy.  For example, sometimes the best way to get closer to one’s destination is to step away from it.  And of course there is the issue of timing and recognizing the character of obstacles and what their purpose is.  All of these considerations are part of the idea of Sacred Navigation.


SacredNavigation.orgbrings together the principles of strategic action and spiritual growth to equip people to achieve the goals of self-regulation, self orientation,and self-directionin their own spiritual lives. Sacred Navigation offers assistance in reaching these goals through a commitment to what I call an “evidenced-based spirituality,”  which means only offering guidance that has been seen to work in the past and being transparent about from where spiritual advice is originating.


Working with Sacred Navigation means learning to become your own sacred navigator. You will come to understand how to maximize the positive energy in your chakra system, how to integrate the information gleaned from oracular traditions such as astrology, tarot and the I Ching, how to integrate theadviceyou receive from sacred guidance into the deeper levels of the self through contemplative practices and learn a variety of techniques that will allow you to more effectively address the negative energetic forces you encounter on this journey of spiritual development we call life.


My passion is to assist you in developing your own coherent spiritual language and spiritual growth practices so that you can discover and connect with your own unique spiritual self.  By recognizing and growing your own direct connection to what I call “Divine Enlightenment Reality” and understanding the Divine guidance that this connection offers, you can actively be in the joyful center of the Divine movement of your life and thus avoid needless suffering, while also being a source of joy to your self and others.