Free- Chakra Awareness
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Free Chakra Awareness Class


Sacred Navigation periodically offers a free chakra awareness class provided through a webinar format. One of the missions of Sacred Navigation is to help people engage their spiritual nature in a way that promotes self regulation and autonomy in spiritual development. Thus, our philosophy on how we do chakra work is to actually teach the client how to work on their own chakras. So instead of simply working on a Sacred Navigation client, we teach them how to manage their own chakra hygiene and to do the work of alignment and energetic charging themselves. Sacred Navigation teaches this self-management through a series of courses of guided contemplation concerning the chakras.


The first step in this ability to work on your own chakras is the ability to perceive them. How do you feel your own chakras? Can you visualize them? Do you feel them energetically? Are you able to feel how they work? Can you detect what state they are in? Do you know where they are?


All of these things can be taught and activated.


Sacred Navigation offers a free chakra awareness class that introduces the chakras and offers a preliminary engagement to building your ability to perceive your own chakras. Even if you have never done (especially if you have never done) chakra work before or are just finding out what chakras are, this free chakra awareness class can help you connect to yourself in a new way and start the road to spiritual self regulation and autonomy.


Sacred Navigation regularly offers the FREE chakra awareness class. If you are interested simply click here to register. After you register, you will be given options regarding the next available set of classes. The classes are provided through the online video conferencing service ZOOM which is free to download and use. The ZOOM code for the class will be sent to the email address you provide.


Click Here to Register