Agreement – Consultations
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Thank you for you investment in your own development. Your purchase of an initial consultation provides you an 1 hour conversation with a member of our team to engage you on your areas of interest and to determine if we are the right resource for your current and particular process. As a preparation for that conversation you will be asked to fill out an information form to help our team offer a relevant initial consultation.

By purchasing and participating in this initial consultation, you agree that none of the content of such a conversation shall be construed or received by you as professional, legal, psychological or medical of any kind. You agree to be responsible for what you decide to do with any information provided in the initial consultation.

You also agree that after you fill out and submit the initial consultation information form that your payment is non-refundable.

If there is mutual agreement on an ongoing or defined coaching or consulting process, the amount of the initial consultation will be credited to that process and thus will be essentially free.

If you are not re-directed after your purchase, refresh this page to be re-directed.