Transformative Visioning for an Existing Business
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Transformative Visioning for an Existing Business


Are you looking to transform an established business? Perhaps you are an owner, manager, or officer empowered to initiate a visionary transformation? Sacred Navigation can help.  By focusing and honing your spiritual intuition, you can utilize intuitive guidance to realize your company’s growth and development. By connecting to Divine guidance, you can be ready to take advantage of unforeseen events that are known to your unconscious awareness but are not yet in your conscious cognitive awareness.  This same principle can be applied to help put your company on the path to transformative expansion and a new level of success.  


The coaching also includes developing critical insights around the following areas of business development:


  • Finding or rediscovering the spiritual core of your personal life’s work, distinct from your business that will fuel your passion and sustain you through lean as well as bountiful times, because you will know why you are in this line of work and how it relates to you as a person.
  • Connecting into your spiritual intuition for support in making important business decisions and detecting positive and negative relationships that could impact your business
  • Building a team to support and develop your visioning process and help you execute the changes within the business
  • Building stronger bridges: learn to manage and sustain your assets as you build infrastructures to support what comes next.  
  • Tuning into your market on both a business level and a spiritual level
  • Finding and understanding your business’s spiritual center of gravity and learning how to nurture and protect it.
  • Perceive how and in what way the current business is related to the new vision you are creating in order to work effectively with the energetic resonances and dissonance.



If you are interested in Sacred Navigation Spiritual Life Coaching for Transformative Visioning for an Existing Business, simply begin by booking a consultation.


After booking a consultation, you will be given the opportunity though an online form to share what you are looking to achieve and find the process that is right for you. After you complete the online form and it is evaluated, Sacred Navigation will contact you to schedule an initial consultation. If you decide to go forward with the process after the consultation, your $100 consultation fee will be applied to your first session, thus the consultation will be free.

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