Empathic Gift Management Training
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Empathic Gift Management Training


Are you an empath? Empaths are people who have an uncanny ability to sense the emotions of other people or even sometimes animals and inanimate objects. Many times these people will attract other people to them that want to tell them their problems or explain how they are in pain. Usually these other people feel better after talking with an empath. However, the empath usually feels tired or down after these conversations or encounters.


What many empaths do not realize is that in allowing others to let go of negative energy, they are taking on the negative energy themselves! Over time, an empathy, weighed down by this, will actually become perennially depressed or angry as they have taken on so much of other people’s negative energy they cause serious damage to their relationships. Sacred Navigation can help you clear that negative energy. In addition, Sacred Navigation can teach you how to read people without taking on their energy and how to help others clear their negative energy without you taking it on yourself. For empaths and others who may be struggling in this role without realizing it, this Sacred Navigation energy coaching can be a life-changing event, radically increasing your quality of life and your ability to be present for others.


If you are interested in Sacred Navigation Spiritual Life Coaching for Empathic Gift Training, simply begin by booking a consultation.



After booking a consultation, you will be given the opportunity though an online form to share what you are looking to achieve and find the process that is right for you. After you complete the online form and it is evaluated, Sacred Navigation will contact you to schedule an initial consultation. If you decide to go forward with the process after the consultation, your $100 consultation fee will be applied to your first session, thus the consultation will be free.


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