Learning to Use Your Spiritual Gifts
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Learning to Use Your Spiritual Gifts


One of the most important tasks on the path to spiritual growth is gaining awareness of your gift(s) and building a mutually supportive relationship with the gift. That is, you are an effective agent of the gift and the gift assists you in your life. Sacred Navigation can help you learn how to maximize the benefit of your gift and gain access to spiritual support through practices, such as contemplation, that will assist you in practicing the gift and increasing its effectiveness. This work includes helping you understand the spiritual laws under which spiritual gifts operate and how to use them for the greater good of all.



If you are interested in Sacred Navigation Spiritual Life Coaching for Learning to Use Your Spiritual Gifts, simply begin by booking a consultation.



After booking a consultation, you will be given the opportunity though an online form to share what you are looking to achieve and find the process that is right for you. After you complete the online form and it is evaluated, Sacred Navigation will contact you to schedule an initial consultation. If you decide to go forward with the process after the consultation, your $100 consultation fee will be applied to your first session, thus the consultation will be free.


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