Contemplation For The Integration Of Sacred Intentions Into Intuitive And Unconscious Levels Of The Self
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Contemplation for the Integration of Sacred Intentions 

into Intuitive and Unconscious Levels of the Self.


There are times when you may seek to reform your life by attempting to change an established pattern of thought or habitual behavior that you have come to realize no longer serves you.  Most likely, when you are in this situation, you make a conscious decision to make a change and then expect the change to occur. However, with strongly established patterns, many times the effort fails and you find yourself reenacting the same thought pattern or habitual behavior. The problem is that although you made a conscious decision to shift, the way you perceive your unconscious organization prevents the conscious shift from being supported and thus it fails.  Or worse, there is unconscious support for one or more conscious patterns that actually oppose the change you are attempting to make.  


For example, if you were in an intense romantic relationship, say, six years ago, which ended so horribly that your response was to “never let anyone get that close ever again” or to think “love just is not worth it so no more!”  Usually these charged responses come with such staunch emotional declarations.  What you may not realize is that this kind of oath, so to speak, is a way people give instructions to the self on how to act and how to support future conscious choices.  So when you, in this example, decide you want to try to connect in a new relationship after several years without one, what you may not realize is that the old oath to never let love back in is still there. And just as significant: the power of this self-sabotaging protective infrastructure has been building momentum in your self for years.  This is why when you try to change consciously established thought processes or habitual behaviors that you know are self-sabotaging, the change often does not work out as planned. The reason is that in reality, you can create a spiritual force of negativity that will remain until it has been directly addressed through spiritual means.  


It is here that contemplation can really help. Through contemplation, you can integrate new information into the intuitive and unconscious levels of the self to facilitate the intended shift. Sacred Navigation offers coaching in contemplation strategies for effectively instructing your unconscious systems to reorganize and to transform old thought processes so that your intention to reform your life can be supported by the whole of your self rather than undermined by it.



If you are interested in Sacred Navigation Spiritual Life Coaching for Contemplation for the Integration of Sacred Intentions into Intuitive and Unconscious Levels of the Self, simply begin by booking a consultation.



After booking a consultation, you will be given the opportunity though an online form to share what you are looking to achieve and find the process that is right for you. After you complete the online form and it is evaluated, Sacred Navigation will contact you to schedule an initial consultation. If you decide to go forward with the process after the consultation, your $100 consultation fee will be applied to your first session, thus the consultation will be free.


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