Contemplation With Chakras
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Contemplation with Chakras


Chakras are spiritual energy centers in the body. They are conduits and hubs for the flow of energy that allow you to connect your embodied consciousness with your spiritual essence.  Chakras are also a means of representing your spiritual essence and the flow of your energy to your own embodied consciousness. That is, what is happening in your consciousness, even on the unconscious levels, is represented in the body.  The chakras radiate out that energy, for good or ill, to the whole of a person including the body.  As a result, there are regions of the body and aspects of the self that correspond with particular chakras.   By working on particular parts of the body you can work on particular chakras. Conversely, trauma or injury to a part of the body can resonate in a chakra as trauma there.  This is especially true if there is a psychological or spiritual impact from the injury.


The significance of chakras cannot be understated.  If you are able to effectively work on individual chakras and improve them, you are also working on the part of their consciousness that the particular chakras represent, because what is happening on the chakra level is also happening to the person. Therefore, learning strategies for becoming attuned to and skilled in working with the chakras is essential.  One of the most useful tools for doing this vital work is that of contemplation.


Contemplation is the process of focusing your consciousness on one thing, concept or experience.  Contemplation can occur in a variety of ways and be used for a myriad of tasks including working with chakras.  Through contemplation a series of processes can be mastered by anyone with proper training, enabling them eventually to practice on their own without assistance. Some examples include:

  • Aligning chakras
  • Examining chakras to become aware of unconscious or subconscious thought patterns and habitual behaviors that have hidden negative support in the deeper levels of your conscious and unconscious self.   
  • Clearing and healing chakras of negative energy
  • Increasing the positive spiritual energy of chakras
  • Increasing the sensitivity of chakras to Divine guidance

These are just some techniques you can begin to develop for yourself through the practice of contemplation within the chakra framework.



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