Receiving Guidance Through Contemplation
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Receiving Guidance through Contemplation


Spiritual oracles that use the reading of objects like Astrology, Tarot and the I Ching are not the only ways to receive and discern spiritual guidance.  In fact, it is the faith of Sacred Navigation that everyone has an internal path to perceiving and receiving Divine guidance. A common question is how to develop practices for tuning into that pre-existing signal that the Divine is always sending our way? Learning how contemplation works can facilitate that reception.  In this way, a person’s own internal intuition eventually becomes the vehicle for the reading, rather than an oracle that uses an external object as the medium for receiving the guidance such as the Tarot or I Ching or Astrology.



If you are interested in Sacred Navigation Spiritual Life Coaching for Guidance through Contemplation, simply begin by booking a consultation.



After booking a consultation, you will be given the opportunity though an online form to share what you are looking to achieve and find the process that is right for you. After you complete the online form and it is evaluated, Sacred Navigation will contact you to schedule an initial consultation. If you decide to go forward with the process after the consultation, your $100 consultation fee will be applied to your first session, thus the consultation will be free.


Contemplation for the Integration of Sacred Intentions into Intuitive and Unconscious Levels of the Self

Help your self change yourself from the inside out helping you internalize positive advice and habits into the your unconscious.

Contemplation with Chakras

Learn how to read and work with your chakras through contemplation.

Contemplation for Manifestation

Learn how to change your environment and the situations that come to you through situations.